Introducing Clear Skin

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Many of us have experienced breakouts at some stage of our lives, it can be quite frustrating and upsetting to wake up to blemishes each and every day. Problematic skin can be triggered by a number internal and external factors including diet and hormones. Problem skin can be more severe in teens and men, but is often experienced to varying degrees in all people. Irregular exfoliation, along with incorrect use of stripping products can also exacerbate breakouts and blemishes. It is incredibly important to select skincare products that address the concerns associated with problem skin, while calming and soothing.

Aspect Clear Skin Complex

Aspect Clear Skin Complex is a hydrating glycerin cream base ideal for addressing problematic skins, especially dry and sensitive skin types. The unique complex of active ingredients, purify surface blemishes while calming and soothing redness and dryness.

Clear Skin Kit

Clear Skin Kit has been created to address problematic skin with 4 key products, formulated to help purify for clearer looking skin.

The kit is comprised of

  • Cleanser
  • Pre-Treatment Prep
  • Oil-Free Lotion
  • Stop Spot

Available at online or in Clinic